सरकारी गजट, उत्तर प्रदेश प्रयागराज, शनिवार, 23 अगस्त, 2014 ई० ( भाद्र 1, 1936 शक संवत् ) भाग 8, पेज न० 170
Govt. of U.P. Reg. No. - 4/25/154 (India)

NICT 'A' Level


  IntroductionA” level course of NICT Scheme is equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications. Students can acquire this qualification by undergoing this course and passing the examination conducted by the NICT.   After completion of A level course students can further enroll in ‘B’ level course of NICT Scheme.‘A’ Level Course consists of ten theory modules (nine compulsory modules and one elective module) and one project.

  Eligibility: 'O' Level or Government recognized polytechnic engineering diploma after class 10, followed in each case, by an accredited 'A' level course (no concurrency) or a Government recognized polytechnic engineering diploma    after 10+2 / Graduate and an accredited 'A' level course in each case.


  Duration1 Year


  Who can conduct the course: The education and training for A Level NICT Course shall be imparted at the institutions specifically authorized by NICT for conducting CCC.

  Syllabus for NICT A Level -


IT Tools and Business System

Internet Technology and Web Design

Programming and Problem Solving through ‘C

Computer System Architecture

Structural System Analysis and Design

Data Structure through ‘C++’

Introduction to Data Base Management System

Basic of OS, UNIX and Shell Programming

Data Communication and Network Technologies

Elective (one out of the following two subjects to be chosen)

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming through JAVA

Software Testing and Quality Management

Practical-I (based on A1, A2, A3, A4 module syllabus)

Practical-II (based on A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 module syllabus)



  Registration & Examination: Registration & Examination schedule as below-

 Examination for the certificate course will be conducted by the NICT  as per the calendar of events given below -


Reg. Period

Study Period

Examination & Result


1st June – 15th July

16th July – 15th July

16th July – 30th August


1st December – 15th January

16th January – 15th January

16th January – 28th February



  Government Recognition  -

  •       The NICT is a autonomous body. Official Gazette – Uttar Pardesh, Allahabad , Saturday, 23 August, 2014 (Bhadra 1, 1936 Saka Samvat)  Part-8, Page- 170. U. P. Government, Registration No.- 4/25/154 (India).
  •       ISO 9001:2015 
  •       Certified & TM by Government of India.
  •       According to the Official Gazette of UP Government , the Certificate issued by NICT , will  be eligible in all Government, Semi- Government & Private sector.