सरकारी गजट, उत्तर प्रदेश प्रयागराज, शनिवार, 23 अगस्त, 2014 ई० ( भाद्र 1, 1936 शक संवत् ) भाग 8, पेज न० 170
Govt. of U.P. Reg. No. - 4/25/154 (India)

NICT "Autocad" Course  


  INTRODUCTION A stand-alone license allows you to run an Auto desk product on a singleworkstation. To obtain a license, you activate your productYou can use your  Autodesk product for thirty days before you are required toactivate it. You can also activate your license at any time before the expirationdate. After the expiration date, you   cannot run your Autodesk product untilyou register and activate the product.When you register your product, you receive an activation code. You enterthe activation code in   the Product Activation wizard, which is displayed everytime you launch an inactivated product.


 Eligibility- The candidates can appear  , who have knowledge of  basic course .and 12 class pass.

 Duration-The course of 90  days.


 Syllabus for NICT Autocad course:-

   1.Autodesk Stand-Alone Licensing.


   3.Manage Your Stand-Alone License.

   4.View Product Information.

    5.Save License Information as a Text File.

    6.Activate an Autodesk Product.                          

    7.Move Your Stand-Alone License from One Computer to  Another.

    8.Prepare and Distribute an Autodesk Product Using a Master Image.  

    9.Distribute an Autodesk Product to Multiple Computers Using a Master Image.

   10.Restore an Autodesk Product Using a Master Image.                                                                                                     

   11.Troubleshoot a License Error.

   12.License Errors.

   13.Stand-Alone License Error Caused by a Hardware Change.

   14.Stand-Alone License Error Caused by Changes to License Files.

   15.Stand-Alone License Error Caused by Reinstalling an Operating System.

   16.Stand-Alone License Error Caused by Changing the System date and time.

   Registration and Evaluation

Registration Period

Study Period


In the month of June

July – September

In the month of October

In the month of September

October - December

In the month of January

In the month of December

January – March

In the month of April

In the month of March

April – June

In the month july















  Government  Recognition The NICT is a autonomous body. Official Gazette – Uttar Pardesh, Allahabad , Saturday, 23 August, 2014 (bhadra 1, 1936  sakA  Samvat)  Part-8, Page- 170. U. P. Government, Registration No.- 4/25/154 (India).  ISO 9001:2008 Certified & TM by Government of India. According to the Official Gazette of UP  Government , the Certificate issued by NICT , will  be eligible in all Government, Semi- Government & Private sector.